On April 13, Google released its 2021 Economic Impact Report for Rhode Island, sharing that it helped provide $615 million of economic activity in 2021 for thousands of Rhode Island businesses, publishers, nonprofits, creators and developers who used Google products to increase their online presence and connect with the people and communities they serve.

More than 69,000 Rhode Island businesses received requests for directions, phone calls, bookings, reviews, and other direct connections to their customers from Google in 2021, according to a press release from Google. 

Mighty Well in Newport was highlighted in Google’s Economic Impact Report on how they used digital tools to reach customers.

“After Co-founder Emily Levy’s chronic illness diagnosis had her searching in vain for effective and stylish protective covers for her PICC line (used for IVs), she and two college friends launched their online medical technology company that offers products like colorful PICC line covers, masks, and medical backpacks to help people face illness and disability with confidence,” Google says.

Google continues, “Flexible working conditions are a top priority for the team, many of whom are in different time zones and live with disabilities or chronic illness. They use Google Meet and Docs to collaborate, and Emily finds Calendar helpful as she coordinates work and health obligations. Google Forms and Surveys let the team gather input from customers, and Google Analytics helps refine their SEO strategy. Google Ads campaigns attract both national and international customers; Mighty Well has seen a 150 percent growth in web traffic, and overall revenue surged 40 percent in 2021”. 

“Google Ads has been our biggest driver for inbound revenue,” said Emily Levy, co-founder of Might Well. “Our business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without the support of the Google products we access.”

Google says that is helping people learn digital skills so they can reach new customers and find new job opportunities. Grow with Google has partnered with 60 organizations to train tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders on digital skills, including public libraries, chambers of commerce, community colleges, and more. The Google Career Certificates program provides online job training and prepares job seekers for careers in high-growth fields like data analytics and IT Support–with no degree or experience required. 

To help more people access this program, Google announced in February a new $100M Google Career Certificates Fund that aims to drive over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains to support economic mobility for tens of thousands of underserved American workers.

The Google Career Certificates are also free to all community colleges and career and technical education high schools to add to their curriculum. 

More About Google In Rhode Island

Google says that it has partnered with trusted community institutions across the state to bring digital skills training, grant funding, and other resources to more Rhode Islanders. Since 2009, Google.org has awarded over $280,000 in grants to nonprofits and organizations based in Rhode Island. Since 2011, Google for Nonprofits has supported more than 800 nonprofits in Rhode Island and in 2020, Google provided over $1.02M in free search advertising to Rhode Island nonprofits through the Google Ad Grants program. Learn more about Google in Rhode Island at: g.co/economicimpact/rhodeisland.

More About Google’s Economic Impact Report

The Economic Impact Report details Google’s national and local impact in all 50 U.S. states, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. It has been released annually since 2009. In 2021, Google Search, Google Play, Google Cloud, YouTube, and Google advertising tools helped provide $617 billion of economic activity for millions of American businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators and developers.