NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 2, 2022) — As a musician, songwriter and human being, Phil Madeira continuously shows you what’s on his mind and on his heart, be it pain or joy and all the colors in between.

It shows up in his conversation, be it about a new piece of vintage gear he’s acquired or the general state of the world in these never-ending “unprecedented times.”

It shows up in his music, as his influences both blanket and lift up his songs, be they Beatles or New Orleans or clarinet or Steely Dan or Nashville or rich piano lines.

Phil Madeira (Photo: Stacie Huckeba)

And it most assuredly shows up in his latest collection of songs, titled Bliss. The new record completes a trilogy of albums that chronicle his personal journey from devastating loss, through navigating the processing of that grief, to the celebration of renewed purpose via newfound love.

The veteran songwriter and long-tenured member of Emmylou Harris’ Red Dirt Boys crafted Bliss primarily with fellow RDB cohorts Chris Donohue (bass) and Bryan Owings (drums).

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Bliss’ music wanders all over Madeira’s well-traveled map, from swinging jazz to swampy blues to modern liturgy to the ephemeral Americana that can encompass it all.

On top is Madeira’s soulful vocals, shaped by a long career of studying and supporting world-class song stylists, only now his voice is infused with a joy in the moment that brightens even the most serious subject.

Madeira will spend the bulk of 2022 touring with The Red Dirt Boys, both with Emmylou Harris and separately as a featured combo around the country, as well as supporting Bliss with select solo dates.

Bliss Track Listing
1. This Little Boat
2. Star
3. Get To Me
4. The Lining
5. Lazarus
6. Not Afraid of Loving You
7. When I Take You Down To New Orleans
8. You Do Something To Me
9. I Won’t Question Love
10. Angel
11. Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

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