Billy Joel apologizes for being a year and a half late to the show, due to the pesky covid. The time off did not make him rusty, in fact, you could see and hear how happy he was to be performing to a sold-out crowd at Fenway Park this rainy night.

For two hours he sang and his fans sang along to his hits. To those, of which there were many long-time fans who knew the words, he sang some deep cuts. When you are an artist who has now performed in 6 different decades, there is a huge catalog to pull from dating back to the early 1970s, and yet you could name 10 more songs he could have played.

Be this the first Billy Joel concert or your 30th, you did not leave disappointed. In fact, you left the stadium singing more of his songs with strangers as you made your way to the “T” or the car to head home.

No one was thinking of the rain, but rather how good the show was and how good it was to be back at a concert at Fenway Park.


1) My Life 2) Pressure 3) Entertainer 4) Vienna 5) Zanzibar 6) For the Longest Time 7) Don’t ask me why 8) Downeaster Alexa 9) Movin Out 10) And so it Goes 11) Allentown 12) Room of our Own 13) Always a Woman to Me 14) Sometimes a Fantasy 15) River of Dreams 16) Only the Good Die Young 17) Italian Opera 18) We didn’t Start the Fire 19) Uptown Girl 20) Its still Rock N Roll to me 21) Big Shot 22) You May be Right 23) Piano Man

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