“My body, my choice,” says the health care worker, protesting outside the State House in Providence against mandatory vaccinations for health care workers.

“My body, my choice,” says Republican Congressmen (whether House or Senate), Republican governors, GOP state legislators.

“My body, my choice” … NO NO NO, say these same Republican lawmakers, when it comes to a woman’s right to choose, or who can vote. Let’s repeat … “My body, my choice,” depends on the politics, not the science, not about democracy, not free will … JUST POLITICS.

For Gov. Abbott in Texas – don’t mandate masks, don’t mandate vaccines. Yes, he got COVID, despite his getting vaccinated, possibly three doses, according to some reports (who would have thunk it).

To those of you who claim it’s your right not to be vaccinated, your right not to be masked, and demanding everything remain wide open – spreading the virus wherever to whomever. Your body, your choice. I choose you to stay home. I don’t really care if you get vaccinated, or if you wear a mask, just don’t come in my space – that’s my choice, my right.

I’m not forgiving of those who for self-interest, or politics, or allegiance to naysayers, whether so-called newscasters or conspiracy theorists … I’m not forgiving for you endangering those around you. I understand medical or religious reasons, or those too young to be eligible to receive the vaccine.

But, they say, this virus is only killing at a rate of 1 percent … that’s more people than in any war we’ve fought, and … here it is … so many of those deaths are preventable.

Years ago, I heard a hospitalist say that people should have expiration dates on their driver’s license … not expiration of their driving privileges, but of their lives.

I wrote a column then that physicians should be required to go to the funerals of those they’ve lost. I wanted them to see who these people were … the weeping children and grandchildren, the scores of people who they’ve aided along the way.

We should expire when it’s our time, not before, and not because someone has decreed that wearing a mask somehow infringes on their personal freedoms, their personal space.

We decry the mental anguish of this pandemic, the damage to businesses. Well, the way to end it … and the way it could have ended or subsided before … is to get vaccinated, to wear a mask. Think of it as an economic investment. Because if this pandemic, now primarily of the unvaccinated, is allowed to march on, any damage to businesses will march on as well.

I’m tired, very tired of those who deny science, deny my rights.

Frank Prosnitz

Frank Prosnitz brings to WhatsUpNewp several years in journalism, including 10 as editor of the Providence (RI) Business News and 14 years as a reporter and bureau manager at the Providence (RI) Journal....