Pawtucket, RI – In her debut collection of personal, curated poems, Apryl Scott has already proven herself to possess a unique voice. Filled with self-introspection and rich and varied verse, the book of jade is the artistically interpreted manifestation of her own spiritual awakening. And in this volume, she expresses her love of words through well-crafted verse that she hopes will give her raw emotions voice and inspire others.

Dr. Stacy L. Scott, author of the bestselling book The Confidence Project, says, “As you move through the pages of this book, you may find yourself, you may find experiences of power, of passion, of love, of time, of place—moments that change you, moments that expose you, moments that heal. But you will never be the same.”

Apryl Yvonne Scott considers herself an artist, activist, and healer who enjoys expressing herself through an array of mediums. She describes herself as, “kindly but reserved, pleasant yet stern. I am rationally irrational, imaginative and determined. But the word I feel that best describes me is passionate.” Apryl is also a spiritual advisor and founder of Wrestless Communications. She lives in South Attleboro, Massachusetts.

the book of jade is available from Ingram wholesalers, and through her publisher at

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