While best known for his time as the vocalist/bassist in the Emerson, Lake & Palmer offshoot 3, Robert Berry has had a multi-decade career, marked by a Grammy nomination, and association with the likes of Keith Emerson, a longtime friend and colleague, Sammy Hager, Steve Howe, Greg Kihn and more.

Berry joined Emerson and Palmer as the bassist/vocalist in the classic rock trio. The trio released several 3 live recordings. A writer, producer, vocalist and instrumentalist, Berry, who was initially classically trained, has had a highly successful career as rock musician.

His friendship with Emerson spanned 30 years, and he and Emerson were working on a new album when the project abruptly ended with the tragic death of Keith Emerson. Two years later, however, Berry, as a tribute to his friend, finished the project and released The Rules Have Changed under the name 3.2.

Berry has just released his newest album, Third Impression, also under the name 3.2. It includes the last track (entitled Never) that he and Emerson worked on together before Emerson’s tragic passing.

Robert Berry joins us for a videocast on WhatsUpNewp on Monday at 1:30 p.m. We’ll talk about his career, his relationship with Keith Emerson, his newest album, and what he’s been doing during the pandemic to keep his art alive.

Watch our conversation live below or anytime afterward.

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