Live music is back! And its busting out all over this Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 29th, a group of singer-songwriters gathered at Askew in Providence for a nice evening of music, dubbed “Serenity Under The Stars.” Unfortunately, due to the miserable weather, the previously planned outdoor show had to move inside. Fortunately, those in attendance were treated to a well-crafted evening of originals and covers from singers Beth Barron, Kevin Horan, Jodie Treloar Sampson and Ryan Jackson.

Contributing photographer Gary Alpert was there to capture some of the evening’s magic. Check out his photos below.

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Gary Alpert

Gary Alpert is a contributor and photographer for What's Up Newp.

Having been diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at the age of 2, Gary has have always witnessed the world around him with a heightened sense of sight. While hearing aids offer him a world with sound, he continues to experience the world with a visual edge. With a camera in hand, he hopes to show you what he sees.