The Museum of Newport Irish History recently announced the third talk in its 19th Annual Michael F. Crowley Lecture Series, to be presented virtually via Zoom, on Wednesday, February 10 at 6:00 p.m.

Guest speaker, Erik J. Chaput, PhD, will present a talk entitled: “Politics, Bigotry and Nativism: Rhode Island’s Catholic Irish in the 1842 Dorr Rebellion.” 

According to the museum, Dr. Chaput will discuss the life of Thomas Wilson Dorr and the 1842 rebellion in Rhode Island that bears his name. He will devote particular attention to issues of gender, race, and religion, especially the profound role anti-Catholic sentiment and anti-immigrant bigotry played in the spring and summer of 1842.  Dr. Chaput’s talk will spotlight the social, labor and political environment in which Irish immigrants in Rhode Island lived and worked during this era.  Dr. Chaput, who is the author of The People’s Martyr: Thomas Wilson Dorr and His 1842 Rhode Island Rebellion (University Press of Kansas, 2013), will also address the profound national ramifications of Dorr’s attempt at extra-legal reform.

The lecture is open to all and there is no fee, but reservations are required.

To reserve, visit the “Lectures” page at, where you may also access a complete speaker bio and videotapes of past lectures: