Newport City Hall
Newport City Hall

The Newport City Council’s Midyear Budget Review this past Wednesday was a great step in the direction of greater budget transparency. The Council spent time hearing from the Finance Department and the City Manager on our fiscal condition and beginning to plan for the upcoming budget cycle. 

Newport’s City budget encompasses all the services the city provides to residents, businesses, and visitors, such as the Fire Department and trash pickup, and works in tandem with the Capital Improvement Plan to plan for our community’s future. What we spend money on reflects what we care about and the type of community we want to nurture and develop. This is why it is so important that our budget process ample time and opportunity for input from both the Council and the public. 

As we move into the new budget cycle, the Midyear Review should be step one. We need comprehensive workshops with all City departments, inclusive discussions on how their work supports our community goals and values, and participation from an engaged public. I encourage you to watch the video from Wednesday’s workshop, review the presentations and information posted on the City website, and stay engaged. 

– Jamie Bova, Newport City Council At-Large

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