By Family Service of Rhode Island

The staff at Lucy’s Hearth is pleased to announce the addition of Maria Figueras, a new bilingual housing navigator helping residents bridge the language barrier as they and their families look for a place of their own.

Figueras has already helped to place at least one Lucy’s Hearth family as they went from homeless to home. Antonia* and her husband lived at Lucy’s Hearth while raising grandchildren, who range in age from 8-18. They were able to move into independent housing with the help of Figueras. By working closely with landlords in the area who might otherwise not be accessible or understanding of a family’s unique situation, Figueras is able to communicate effectively between the two and ease fears on both sides. 

“I am forever grateful for everything Maria has done for my family. We are thankful that she is still helping us even after we left Lucy’s,” former Lucy’s Hearth resident Antonia said.

Antonia’s husband is also grateful for the help Figueras offered their family. “We don’t trust many people, but I felt I could trust you with the well-being of my family. We appreciate everything you have done for our grandchildren and our new home,” he told her recently.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has plunged more families into homelessness and has infected those families at higher rates, the phones have not stopped ringing at Lucy’s for months. Accelerated housing navigation that Figueras now provides can drastically change the course of not only the newly housed family moving out, but the currently unhoused family who can now take their spot.

Click this link to read more about this family’s journey.

*name has been changed