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A Vote for Lauren Carson, who represents District 75 in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, will help assure us a quick and substantial economic recovery in Newport.

During my tenure on Newport’s Energy and Environment Commission, I saw Lauren be proactive, stepping up with new ideas and providing leadership on emerging issues. She is goal oriented and works collaboratively creating support networks and harnessing state resources. For years, she has been making Newport a more sustainable place to live and work. She orients to the future investing significant time and effort in learning about all sides of key issues.

COVID 19 has nearly shut down the world class music festivals, sporting events, historic mansions, and special restaurants that make Newport unique and drive our economy.

Newport needs a strong comeback. As you know, the coming months will be full of challenges. As an oasis of American history and incredible natural beauty, Newport needs Lauren’s continued stewardship so that it can be shared with future generations in all its glory.

Newport citizens deserve a State Representative who has the deep experience, energy, and love of Newport to fight for us at the State House.

Learn more about how Lauren Carson is Putting Newport First http:www.laurencarson.com and vote her in for her fourth term.

Kristie Gardiner, Newport


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