opinion Newport Rhode Island

 I write to endorse Susan Taylor as Councilor “at large” for the Newport City council.  For the past two years she has been the first ward councilor.  Susan was born in England and educated in the states and now has a law practice, specializing in immigration issues.

She envisions Newport as an “ideal” community (“Newport One”), but is acutely aware that families looking for housing, shy away from Newport, because of their schools.  She has been an strong  advocate for minorities.   Recently, she has been very involved with the proposed revision of the exits from the Newport bridge, and was instrumental in getting DMV to come to Newport and have conversations with the community.

Over the past several seasons, I have sailed with her husband, Rick Best, who is also a lawyer.  Susan is very tight-lip about confidential material, but indirectly I have observed how hard she works, and her devotion to Newport.   I have noted that she does her homework of reviewing the Council’s agenda prior to the meeting, and when she has issues, she is quick to call on others, including city councilors or consult with State offices.

Susan is a great communicator, an experienced lawyer, and a strong advocate for Newport, thus I feel that when she votes, she has thoroughly reviewed the issue and supports making Newport a better place to live.

Charles Shoemaker, MD, Newport