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I write this morning in support of Susan Taylor for reelection to Newport City Council.  Over the past few years I have watched with growing interest the operation of local government, local politics and policy.here in Newport.  They have inspired me to get involved in small ways (which I recommend for all Newport residents).

I have observed the term of Susan Taylor with great admiration, she has been a consistent voice for thoughtful action.  She realizes that the city we all love is a valuable resource that needs to be protected, enjoyed and carefully developed.

She has been an important vote for preserving Newport’s waterfront and, considering the needs of the community that lives here over the people that visit our special town.  She has never once exhibited any interest in personal gain or private interest.  

I am a business owner and fairly large employer on Aquidneck Island, she understands the real challenges facing businesses in these crazy days and she cares deeply for our success.

Also, I watched her sponsor a misunderstood but incredibly important moratorium which served to create room for a useful dialog about what is best for    Newport and how careful planning can lead to liveable and likeable development.

I’d ask any of you still considering your vote to take the time to read Susan’s interviews and positions to understand her thoughts and motivations.

She is exactly the kind of leadership we need for a better future in Newport.

Joseph Hearn, Newport

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