To the Editor:

In a few days, the American electorate will have determined the fate of all levels of our nation’s government.  Many have already exercised this very important responsibility and privilege and, it is hoped, a record number of citizens will show up at the polls.  Just as important as state and federal elections is thoughtful voting for our local leaders and issues.  

Selecting focused and accountable candidates for Newport School Committee is a crucial responsibility and I am asking the citizens of our city to cast one of your votes for me.  While running for another term on the Newport School Committee, I will continue to be knowledgeable about educational matters and reasonable and responsible in decision making.  My decisions are always based on what is best for our students.

An equally important vote is for Question #2 on the back of your ballot—the addition to Pell Elementary School and the construction of a new Rogers High School.  The facts about the need to approve this bond have been dispersed and discussed thoroughly.  While some feel a different course of action (or inaction) should be taken, it is clear that approval is vital—now! 

The longer we wait to take action, the cost of construction will be higher and the available reimbursement funds will have dried up.  The longer we wait, the longer the students and educators at Pell will be enduring limited suitable space and difficulty in housing our youngest children.  The longer we wait, the further the conditions at Rogers will deteriorate, despite the constant efforts put forth by our personnel.  The time has come for all of us to step forward and say, “Yes, we want warm, dry, and safe schools for all our children!”  Consider this to be one of the best investments we can make in the City of Newport.  

For those who have already voted, thank you.  For those who are considering for whom you wish to cast your votes, I respectfully ask that you re-elect me as a member of the Newport School Committee and to approve Question #2.  

Sandra J. Flowers, PhD

Candidate and Member, Newport School Committee

Salve Regina University Seahawks skate for Mental Health Awareness

The third annual Mental Health Awareness Night organized by the Salve Regina University’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team raised more than $4,000 in support of Newport  Mental Health’s mission to destigmatize the conversation around mental health and provide mental health and substance use treatment to those who live, work, and study in Newport County.
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