Dear Editor + Newport constituents,

I recently read a quote by Lynne Twist:

“This is not a time of mere change.  This is a time of transformation, and transformation comes not out of scarcity but out of the context of possibility, responsibility and sufficiency.”

It made me think of our fair city; the understanding that we are on the precipice of something in this moment – that the decisions we make in the next 2 to 4 years could mean monumental shifts in how we live and how our children thrive here.

With the utmost respect for those who have dedicated their time and energy to serving our city; it is time for change.  

I am excited at the prospect of Paul Marshall being one of the people who helps guide the transformation that Newport desperately needs.

I am endlessly impressed with Paul’s dedication: he joined the planning board shortly after returning home to Newport and has spent months engaging the community, listening to our concerns and sharing that knowledge while building his campaign.

Paul not only brings a native knowledge of Newport (RHS grad and all), he comes with a masters in public policy from Brown and brings experience as a marketing executive for a worldwide tourism organization (with a focus on carbon reduction).

With his 4 focal points – Equity, Education, Environment and Economy, he has a concise understanding of our issues and how to address them.

Paul is the representative that our city needs.

We are voting for him not only on our behalf but on behalf of our daughters and their futures.

Thank you, Paul, for your commitment to Newport.


Alana Hearn