As a resident of the “Fifth Ward” for nearly 40 years, I am writing in support of Paul Marshall’s  candidacy for 3rd ward council seat.  

After meeting Paul, it is clear to me that he has an all-inclusive view of government. His pledge  to examine all proposals before the Council through the lens of equity and sustainability is  evidence of that. He has been a strong supporter of the school bond, not just for political gain, but because he understands strong public schools means a strong community for all Newport  residents. As the current Resiliency Liaison to the Planning Board, Paul is uniquely qualified to  handle the challenges Newport faces as a beautiful – and vulnerable – coastal city. Paul’s vision and commitment will serve us well as we endeavor to build a year-round economy  and develop the North End. 

Most importantly, Paul is a young father who will take the long view of Newport’s future. This  gives me hope. We need leaders who are committed to Newport’s year-round residents. Let’s give Paul a seat at the table. Please give him your support when you cast your vote! 

Diane Winslow


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