As election season comes to a close, our hats are off to 2020 candidates who have had to go through the most unusual political campaign ever. They have all been challenged to get their collective messages out in the most innovative, but safe way possible. We appreciate their interest in running for elective office.

In Newport, voters are urged to vote for the Democratic Party Team which has been endorsed by the RI Democratic Party and the Newport Democratic City Committee:

  • President                                                Joe Biden
  • Vice President                                       Kamala Harris
  • U.S. Senate                                             Jack Reed
  • U.S. Congress                                        David N. Cicilline
  • State Senate District 12                         Louis Di Palma
  • State Senate District 13                         Dawn Euer
  • State Representative District 73          Marvin Abney
  • State Representative District 75          Lauren Carson

All of these candidates have well-established records of accomplishment that reflect their commitment to be in service to the people. They are all persons of integrity who have advanced proposals and programs that address the fundamental needs of a democratic society.

They believe in listening to their constituents and helping them in any way they can. They also believe in a government that will provide meaningful programs in education, health care, economic development, and environmental protection. They have advocated for decent-paying jobs, assistance for small businesses, safe neighborhoods, and in equal treatment under the law.

A reminder to all voters: the Democratic Party has a long and distinguished history of enacting such programs as Social Security, Medicare, GI Bill, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Head Start, Small Business Administration Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Freedom of Information Act, Pell Grants, and the Affordable Healthcare Act. So, the Democratic Party is truly “the party of the people.”

Please support the Democratic Party Team so that we can all benefit from their steadfast dedication to their community and their commitment to honesty and transparency in carrying out their responsibilities in office. You can be sure that they will do the job that needs to be done and in the most effective way possible.

J. Clement Cicilline