opinion Newport Rhode Island

I’m writing to support Susan Taylor as a candidate for Newport council at large.

I’ve known Susan for many years. Her thoughtfulness, intelligence and energetic vision for Newport has always been evident in her life as a successful lawyer and now is an asset to the city.
I have lived in Newport since July 1975, almost 46 years. The quality of the city Council has always had a huge impact on the quality of life in our town. I participated in colonial militia groups reenacting the war of independence from 1976 to 1981. During that time I really got to know the history of the city and relish the connection to early Newport life. Therefore, walking our historic streets and enjoying the atmosphere of our town is an essential part of life in Newport. The Longer the pandemic lasts, the less we can enjoy our town and the more irreparable damage is done to it.
As a still practicing ear nose and throat surgeon for over four decades,I am acutely aware of the assault on our quality of life and the economy of our locality by the coronavirus.

Most of us did what we could to follow all guidelines to the best of our ability.  But Susan Taylor realized early that in a tourist town we were being overrun by non-mask wearing visitors  most of whom simply had forgotten or were unaware of the importance of them. This is a serious risk to all of us. So Susan developed her Zorro brigade Early in June And her volunteers and friends began distributing masks along Americas cup, on Thames Street, Bellevue avenue and the Cliff walk. The response from tourist was excellent almost universally and I’m sure Contributed to the relatively low rate of infection here.

Although infection rates are creeping up again everywhere, Newport, for a tourist town, has been doing very well.

I urge my friends and fellow citizens to keep Susan Taylor on our city Council

Tom Cahill MD