Most people would agree that our country has been addressing an extraordinary number of serious challenges this year. Because of these very challenges, 2020 has become, indeed, the most important year in election history.

The Newport Democratic City Committee is dedicated in its support of plans and procedures that allow for each person to be able to vote in a safe and healthy environment, which, most notably, includes giving people every opportunity possible to vote early and from home. 

In particular, NDCC strongly supports:

  • Mailing all voters mail ballot applications enough in advance for both the September 8 primary and for the November 3 election that voters will have sufficient time to exercise their options.
  • Allowing voters to cast their ballots in person or by mail up to 20 days before an election.
  • Waiving requirements for notarization and witnessing of signatures on mail ballots.
  • Not requiring that a reason be given for voting early or by mail.
  • Setting up secure drop boxes to accept ballots in each municipality and promulgate location of these boxes. 
  • Accepting any ballots that arrive by postal mail at the Board of Elections or a local Board of Canvassers that are postmarked up to or on the date of an election.
  • Providing a sufficient number of in-person polling sites be established in each community that will include consultation with and among the Board of Elections, the local Board of Canvassers, elected municipal officials and local political leaders.
  • Assuring that all health and safety regulations are followed for the protection of all people involved in the election process.
  • Providing sufficient funding at all levels to facilitate free, open and fair elections.
  • Urging the Governor, the General Assembly, Secretary of State, the Board of Elections, and local Boards of Canvassers to support , authorize, and implement these recommendations. 

J. Clement Cicilline

Chair, Newport Democratic City Committee