Newport City Council hosted a Regular Council Meeting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, June 10th.

Among the items on the agenda is the proposed budget FY 2021, a resolution condemning racist hate speech, and a ordinance change that would prohibit food trucks from operating on Bellevue Avenue.

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Agenda & Quick Recap

4.Condemning Racist Hate Speech- J. Bova, A. McCalla, S. Taylor

Hate Speech

Mayor Bova made a motion to move this item to the top of the docket. The motion passed 5 – 2.

On the resolution, Bova said the implicit training would help the City identify where there may be implicit, bias, or prejudice in the city’s systems. Several councilors (McLaughlin, Napolitano, and Ceglie) spoke about how they wish the resolution has been circulated around so all council members could have worked on and signed on to it and spoke to the fact that the charters of the City say that they can not require employees go through training, etc.

Councillor Ceglie made an amendment to the resolution that changes the final resolve and states that the Council directs the City Manager to provide implicit bias training to City Council and City employees. The amendment passed 5-2.

After a long conversation and much input from members of the council and the community, this resolution passed 6-1 (Leonard nay). The conversation around this entire resolution lasted more than eighty minutes.

1.Proposed Budget FY 2021 (A copy is available on the city’s website)


McLaughlin made a motion to pass a budget that includes no tax increase. After much discussion the budget with a 0% tax increase passed 5-2 (McCalla and Bova nay).

McLaughlin made a motion to move a,b,c,d,e,f to a special meeting on Tuesday, June 16th in conjunction with COVID-19 update meeting. The motion was approved 6-1.

a.Errata Sheet

Errata Sheet

Continued to June 16th.

b.FY21 Tax Impacts

Tax Impacts

.Continued to June 16th.

c.Ordinance Appropriating Revenues (Second Reading)


Continued to June 16th.

d.Ordinance Amending Title 3  Personnel (Second Reading)


Continued to June 16th.

e.Resolution re:  Omnibus Property Tax Relief & Replacement Act


Continued to June 16th.

f.Resolution re:  Authorizing the Tax Levy

Tax Levy

Continued to June 16th.

2.PUBLIC HEARING- Proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance regarding Short Term Rentals:
a.Recommendation from the Planning Board


Council voted 7-0 to receive the recommendation.

b.Ordinance amending Chapter 17, Section 17.04.050 entitled “General Requirements”, Section 17.08.010 entitled “Definitions” and 17.100.130 entitled “Home Occupations” (First Reading)

Chapter 17

Council voted 7-0 on first reading to approve 17.04.05, General Requirements.

Council voted 7-0 on first reading 17.08.010, Definitions.

Council voted 7-0 on first reading to approve 17.100.130, Home Occupations.

3.Farmers Market License, Aquidneck Community Table, d/b/a Aquidneck Growers Market, Memorial Blvd. north side between Chapel St. and Edgar Court, Wednesday’s beginning June 3, 2020 through October 28, 2020 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Farmers Market

Council voted 6-1 (Ceglie nay) to approve.


5.Authorizing an Adopt-an-Access Program for Marine Avenue between Clean Ocean Access, Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council and the City of Newport – J. Bova, S. Taylor

Adopt-an-Access Program

The resolution was amended in the second and third whearas to clarify the location. Approved 7-0 by Council.


6.Amending Chapter 5.57 entitled, “Mobile Food Establishments” to amend Section 5.57.040 entitled “Restrictions on Permits” (First Reading)


After discussion, City Council voted 5-2 (McCalla and Bova nay) to continue this.


7.Action Item #5926/20 – RE:  Cooperative Agreement with the Rhode Island Division of Statewide Planning  for the Transportation Master  Plan  (w/accompanying resolution)


Council voted 7-0 to pass the motion.

8.Action Item #5927/20 – RE:   Supplemental Agreement #1, Contract #19-025 – Sidewalk Improvement Program 2019 (w/accompanying resolution)


Council voted 7-0 to pass the motion.

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