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In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary and as a participant of Aquidneck Island Earth Week, Greenlove announced the donation of two water bottle filling stations, one to the Pell Elementary School in Newport and another to Gaudet Middle School in Middletown.

In the spirit of giving back and caring for our community during these unprecedented and challenging times, Greenlove was thrilled to give back to Aquidneck Island, the place we call home.

Each recipient will have a water bottle filling station installed once it is safe for everyone to return to school. With these installations, we continue to promote environmental educational awareness and help reduce single-use plastic throughout our Aquidneck Island community.

Teachers Erin Sullivan at Pell Elementary School and Jackie Zahm at Gaudet Middle School wrote letters to the foundation about the need for hydration stations. Both schools have environmentally conscious student bodies and staff.  Access to the hydration stations by the school community will have an immediate and measurable impact on their plastic waste reduction efforts. The “Green Team” in each school practices and promotes responsible, sustainable choices. The hydration stations will help them continue their efforts to promote life-long habits for waste reduction in their school and within their community.

Two years ago the Pell school went straw-free.  JH Gaudet’s new water station is to be installed near the gym, a heavily used area by students and others.  This donation will eliminate the distribution of single-use plastic water bottles to the students and will provide a user-friendly water station for the benefit of the students and the entire school community.  The water bottle filling station will impact the school’s waste reduction efforts and efforts to promote community-wide environmental stewardship by both schools.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

To this date, The Greenlove Foundation has donated 19 water bottle filling stations and has committed to three additional units including the Providence Children’s Museum, the Florence Gray Center in Newport, and Dunn’s Elementary School in Westerly. Each installation is at different stages; however, official announcements will be made as soon as possible in view of the COVID-19 situation.    

For more information about The Greenlove Foundation, please visit, or their Facebook and Instagram page.

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