Governor Raimondo and Director of Health Nicole Alexander-Scott, MD, MPH provided updates to reporters about Rhode Island’s coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) response earlier today.

The Governor announced that there were 18 new cases of COVID-19 in Rhode Island, bringing the total of positive cases in Rhode Island to 124.

For the first time, the public was provided with what the recovery process looks like for a COVID-19 case and the status of all those who have tested positive.

At today’s press conference, What’s Up Newp asked “When is a positive case considered recovered? And are any of the 124 cases recovered”?.

“So when patients have recovered they have had symptoms for at least seven days, they have had the remaining end of that time frame where they have had improvement in the symptoms and for the final three days no fever, without the use of fever reducing medication”, Dr. Alexander-Scott said.

She continued , “There are many, many patients of our 124 who have recovered”.

Dr. Alexander-Scott, nor the Governor, have not revealed how many positive cases have recovered and how many are still infected up until this moment.

In response to another question on the topic of positive cases, Dr. Alexander-Scott went on to say that 124 is a cumulative number of cases that we have had as a state since the start of this crisis.

Dr. Alexander-Scott went on to explain, “the time-frame that it takes for infection is usually about ten plus days or so, so people who had been infected prior to fourteen days have begun to recover. We are continuing to monitor those that are in the hospital, and those patients are going home but we’re following it closely because this is evolving”.

“We certainly are seeing more numbers of cases each day as we have anticipated and are needing to continually work closely with our hospitals and truly reiterate the value and necessity of everyone staying home to stop the spread of this virus and not spread symptoms of illness from one person to another. That’s how we continue to decrease the risk of transmission that’s occuring”, Alexander-Scott concluded.

On March 23rd, officials announced the following data regarding COVID-19 in Rhode Island. While we know that there are now 124 cases, w expect full age, county, and testing data for March 24th later today.

Number of Rhode Island COVID-19 positive (including presumptive positive) cases: 106

Distribution by county:

  • Bristol County: 4
  • Kent County: 7
  • Newport County: 10
  • Providence County: 75
  • Washington County: 10

Distribution by age:

  • 0-9: 2
  • 10-19: 4
  • 20-29: 17
  • 30-39: 18
  • 40-49: 19
  • 50-59: 21
  • 60-69: 12
  • 70-79: 11
  • 80-89: 0
  • 90 and older: 2
  • Number of people who had negative test results at RIDOH’s State Health Laboratories: 1,120
  • Number of people for whom tests are pending at RIDOH’s State Health Laboratories: 77
  • Number of people who are currently instructed to self-quarantine in Rhode Island: approximately 3,000

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