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Ahead of a nearing deadline, Newport School Committee voted 5-1 this evening on the submittal of the Rhode Island Dept of Education Stage II application to build a new high school and construct an addition at Pell Elementary School. 

Newport School Committee member Robert Leary was the lone vote against moving forward with the application (agenda item – 5.1 Request for approval to submit RIDE Stage II application).

There were approximately twenty people in the audience at the start of the meeting.

What’s Up Newp was present for the meeting and recorded the following video (the discussion surrounding the Stage II Application begins at approximately 9:20).

City Council will receive and vote on the submittal tomorrow night during their Regular Council Meeting.

City Council Agenda Item

Communication from Colleen Burns Jermain, Superintendent of Schools, re: Requesting the City Council to approve the submittal of the RIDE Stage II Application (w/accompanying resolution) – RIDE II Application available at https://www.clerkshq.com/content/Attachments/Newport-ri/200212_23.pdf

NCC Letter


Moving Forward

“If the Council approves the application, it will then be submitted to RIDE for review and approval. After that, the next step would be for the Council to vote on putting the school construction bond question on the November ballot, which would allow the public to make the final decision,” Mayor Bova wrote in her “Mayor’s Update” on Sunday night.  

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