Source: Newport Historical Society

The Newport Historical Society History Space is working in collaboration with Revolutionary Spaces on the 250th anniversary reenactment and commemoration of the Boston Massacre. Elizabeth Sulock, Director of Public Programming at the Newport Historical Society, is directing the programming and coordinating the living historians for the event in partnership with staff at Revolutionary Spaces.

The Newport Historical Society’s History Space programming produces high-quality living history programs and events. Past collaborations include “What Cheer Day” with the Rhode Island Historical Society and “Redcoats at the Redwood” with the Redwood Library & Athenaeum.

Programming will occur throughout the afternoon and into the evening leading up to the reenactment. Featured events are a ropewalk brawl and tours led by costumed interpreters. More programming is in the planning stages. The 250th Anniversary Boston Massacre Reenactment and Commemoration is free and open to the public on Saturday, March 7, 2019 at 7pm in front of the Old State House at the intersection of State, Devonshire, and Congress Streets in Boston, Massachusetts.

About the Newport Historical Society

Since 1854, the Newport Historical Society has collected and preserved the artifacts, photographs, documents, publications, and genealogical records that relate to the history of Newport County, to make these materials readily available for both research and enjoyment, and to act as a resource center for the education of the public about the history of Newport County, so that knowledge of the past may contribute to a fuller understanding of the present. For more information please visit

About History Space

History Space seeks to support the field of public history through education and demonstration. This work produces high-quality living history programs and events, including reenactments, traditional trade and craft demonstrations, and workshops. Seminars assist practitioners of public history and inform the public about topics and issues in the field.

About Revolutionary Spaces

Revolutionary Spaces is the steward of two national treasures—Boston’s Old South Meeting House and Old State House—using the power of these historic buildings and their intertwined stories to explore the continuing practice of democracy and foster a free and open exchange of ideas. Through exhibits, gallery talks, performances, and special events, they share diverse perspectives on the ongoing American struggle to create and sustain a free society and work to inspire all people to take part in the debates that continue to animate our civic life.