Lucy’s Hearth will be providing Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance to current and former residents and their families this holiday season. 

Community members interested in donating or volunteering for Thanksgiving or Christmas can visit Lucy Hearth’s website or contact Lucy’s Hearth at 401-847-2021. 

Lucy’s Hearth says they will not be able to accept donations of used clothing and household items during the months of November and December. 

Mark Gorman, Board Chair, stated “Much of Lucy’s Hearth’s preparation for the holidays is to organize and obtain donations for current and past residents for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lucy’s Hearth has limited freezer storage for turkeys at Thanksgiving, so vouchers and small gift cards are the easiest way for us to ensure each family receives what they need for their holiday meal.” 

For Christmas, the shelter is seeking individuals and organizations to “Adopt” a family and help fulfill children’s wish lists. They are requesting gift cards from local stores in small amounts ($10.00 to $50.00 dollars) to assist families in their wish lists 

Gorman continued “We have many children who still believe in the spirit of Christmas, and it’s difficult for us to hide presents from them in such a small building. Gift cards make Christmas easier because it allows for parents to have independence in choosing what to get for their children, and the opportunity to create traditions for their families.” 

“Lucy’s Hearth has been helping the community for 35 years. We’re looking forward to this holiday season and know it’s going to be a great one with the help of our supporters” stated Gorman. 

For more info on Lucy’s Hearth, visit


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