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This story was originally published on June 17th. It has been updated.

In June, What’sUpNewp was the first to report that Tom Abruzese/ Harbour Realty, LLC AT ELS, owners of several properties on Waites Wharf, had filed an application with the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (RICRMC) to demolish some current structures on the property in order to build a hotel on Waites Wharf.

Abruzese owns Dockside (24 Waites Wharf),Riptides, @ The Deck (1 Waites Wharf), West Wind Marina (26 Waites Wharf), and parking lots and property on Waite’s Wharf.

The RICRCMC application was the first step in achieving approval of the proposed project. The application and plans are now moving on to Newport Planning and Zoning Boards.

Property owners with 200 feet of Waite’s Wharf have received the following letter (dated August 5th) from the City of Newport’s Department of Planning, Zoning, Development, and Inspections;

“Dear Property Owner:

This is to notify you as owner of property located at (address redacted by What’sUpNewp) that the proposal listed below has been filed with the Office of Zoning & Inspections, City Hall, Newport, RI. You are being notified as an owner of property that is located within  200 ft.of the petition. PETITION OF HARBOUR REALTY, LLC, applicant; HARBOUR REALTY, LLC, AT ELS, owners; for a special use permit and a variance to the dimensional requirements for permission to demolish the existing structures and construct a 150-room transient guest facility, 91 rooms allowed), with a standard restaurant, banquet and wedding facilities, and provide 266 off-street parking spaces on a noncontiguous lot, (all off-street parking must be on the same lot as the use required), and to allow of use of public right of way to maneuver into and out of spaces, (Use of public right of way not allowed), applying to the property located on 0, 1, 16 & 25 Waite’s Wharf,23 Coddington Wharf, and 20 West Extension St., TAP 32, Lots 155, 267, 268, 272, 248, & 293, 

(WB zone). Said proposal is on file in the Office of Zoning & Inspections City Hall, and may be examined on the City’s website commissions/boards/zoning-board This matter is scheduled to be heard at a public hearing to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 26, 2019 in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 43 Broadway. At hearing, opportunity will be given to all interested parties who wish to be heard. Comments may also be submitted in writing or email. Email comments to spires@cityof Mail or deliver written comments to the Office of Zoning & Inspections, City Hall, 43 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840 or present them at the hearing. Call 401-845-5451/52 for additional information”. 

The plans , according to a letter for the Office of Planning and Zoning, include demolishing of the existing structure and construction of a “a 150-room transient guest facility, 91 rooms allowed, with a standard restaurant, banquet and wedding facilities, and provide 266 off-street parking spaces on a non-contiguous lot”.

The matter is scheduled to be hared at a public hearing at City Hall at 7 pm on Monday, August 26th.

[Update August 20th – Waites Wharf Hotel proposal expected to be continued]

An application listed for a “feasibility of new structure” project for a “Commercial Structure” was first accepted by RICRMC on February 4th, 2019. The application was was filed by property owner Thomas Abruzese for 25 Waites Wharf – Plat 32, Lot/Block 155, 248, 267, 268, and 272.

A request for comment from management of the property has not been answered.

Actions Taken By RICRMC:

Action DateAction Description
Biologist Report
Feb 04, 2019Application Accepted
Feb 04, 2019Preliminary Determination Request (Coastal)
Feb 04, 2019Administrative Review for Completeness
Feb 04, 2019Team Review for Completeness
Mar 04, 2019HPHC Review Pending
Mar 04, 2019HPHC Historical Preservation No Effect

It’s a busy time for hotel construction in Newport. Construction of The Brenton Hotel, a 57-room hotel, at 31 America’s Cup, and Hammet Wharf Hotel, a 84-room hotel at the former Newport Yachting Center, are currently underway and are expected to be complete in 2020.

Carpionato Group also recently announced plans for the Newport Grand property, which would include Hyatt Place (140 rooms) and Hyatt House (120 rooms).

The owners of Fifth Element have also been given the green light by Newport Zoning Board to construct a 40-room hotel on Broadway.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is received.