This summer Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina will welcome guests with a packed lineup of programming all summer long.  From fitness and wellness classes to contemporary fashion and music partnerships, Gurney’s will host multiple pop-ups and unique experiences that bring the best of fitness, fashion and entertainment right to their resorts.

Live from Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina;

  • Music
    • Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina will be hosting a summer of music festivities from both local and globally known artists, such as Buddy Costa (July 6th), to DJ Nook (July 13th and July 21st). The property will also be offering direct Yacht transportation to the Newport annual Folk Festival (July 26th – July 28th) and the Jazz Festival (August 2nd – August 3rd), for each guest attending the beloved music events.
  • Wellness
    • Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina has teamed up with Tone House, the first-ever extreme-based group fitness studio, aimed at unleashing the inner athlete  in everyone  to host on-property classes (June 29th– June 30th). Following this,  the weekend of the 4th of July will offer exclusive participation to Obe Fitness, a personalized workout training program.
  • Fashion
    • Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina is bringing men’s and women’s fashion brand The Daily Edited to the Hamptons, offering the perfect monogrammed leather & lifestyle accessories (August 2nd – August 4th).

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