Rogers High School

Newport Public Schools announced on Wednesday that two local students were recently honored by Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea.

The Announcement

Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea honored Colin McCabe and Mackenzie Palmer from Rogers High School this month with the 2019 Rhode Island Civic Leadership Award. The award is given annually to recognize high school students who have made outstanding contributions to their schools and communities over the past year.

“It’s an honor to meet with young Rhode Islanders who are determined to have a positive impact on the world around them,” said Secretary Gorbea. “These students represent a bright future for our state. I hope each will remain at the forefront as civic leaders, connecting with others to strengthen our communities.”

“Colin and Mackenzie are tremendous representatives of the Rogers HS community and exemplify Civic Leadership in Newport.” remarked Rogers High School Principal Jared Vance.

Mackenzie Palmer

Colin McCabe

Each year, high schools across Rhode Island are invited to nominate two students in the junior class who best meet the ideals of the Civic Leadership Award. These ideals include public service, leadership ability, and academic achievement.

This year, 153 students from 77 schools were honored for their civic efforts, which ranged from mentoring young children to volunteering to help feed the homeless and activity in student government. The students were honored at a State House ceremony and received special citations from Secretary Gorbea in front of family members and friends.

The Civic Leadership Awards are part of Secretary Gorbea’s mission to engage and empower Rhode Islanders by connecting them with their government and encouraging civic pride.

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