Fort Adams Trust has announced that the North Wall at Fort Adams is undergoing a quarter million dollar restoration process to preserve it from the elements.

Led by Gnazzo Construction, crews on sky lifts and scaffolding are cleaning and mortaring stone joints on the top of the wall and installing a Helifix crack stitching system onto the deteriorated North Wall 30 casemate windows.  The goal is to have a long term solution to prevent water from creeping through the joints that causes separation and have the water hit the top cornerstone and just weep off to the ground as well as run off from the casemates.

The project was funded through a combination of grants from the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission, Rhode Island Capital Funds and the Van Buren Foundation.

“By removing the old decaying mortar and installing a much more element resilient system in its place we can assure preservation of the wall for decades into the future,” stated Joe Dias, Executive Director, of the Fort Adams Trust in a press release. “Without the generosity of our grant providers this would not have been possible with further and rapid deterioration of the wall inevitable,” Dias added.

The project to date has taken eight weeks and should be completed by June 30th, 2019.