opinion Newport Rhode Island

To the editor:

As a Newport Democrat, on Wednesday September 12 I am casting my vote for Lauren Carson for RI House District 75 Delegate to the RI State Democratic Party. Lauren’s credentials as a dedicated Democrat and her involvement in Democratic Party affairs is well-documented over the past years.

Her tireless campaign efforts to bring women into the Party are greatly appreciated.  As the Founding Co-Chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party Women’s Caucus, Lauren’s dedication to the Democratic Platform and her positive force for Newport has won my support.

Lauren is a refreshing voice within the Rhode Island Democrat Party. I know she is a true advocate for all Democrats.
She has proven herself to be an effective Representative from House District 75 and she brings that same passion and professionalism to Democratic Party affairs.

I wish her the very best in the September 12 Democratic Primary and urge my fellow Democrats to cast their vote for Lauren Carson for State Delegate to the Democratic Party.

Sharon Connors