job opportunities in Newport, Rhode Island

Rejoiner is a fast-growing SaaS company building marketing automation technology for the world’s top B2C retail brands. Brands like GUESS, Titleist, OXO and Hallmark depend on our technology to run highly profitable behavioral email programs.

We’re looking for a Sales Assistant to augment our existing sales efforts. Here’s a sampling of things you would be working on day to day:

  1. Coordinating meetings, web demos, and conference calls
  2. Staying top-of-mind with leads using personalized, relevant email
  3. Maintaining leads records in our CRM tracking things like lead lifecycle stage and referral source
  4. Building lists of companies, names, emails, and phone numbers that fit our target demographic

Key Requirements:

College grad with a willingness to work in Newport, Rhode Island at least 3 full days per week. Working remotely is also highly encouraged.

Please send your resume and a short email as to why you think you’d be a great fit to