Rosecliff Mansion

The Antiques Roadshow visited Newport last September to film its first-ever outdoors show at Rosecliff.

Part 1 of 2 of the filming will be televised on Monday, May 14th at 8 pm on PBS, part 2 on Monday, May 21st at 8 pm on PBS.

The episode premiere was announced in the following press release;

On Monday, May 14th at 8pm on WGBH, experience ANTIQUES ROADSHOW history when, for the first time, we take the cameras indoors and outdoors! Recorded at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI, watch as a diamond waterfall pin sways in the breeze, a Rohmer doll is valued on the patio, and Tiffany vases stun an appraiser in the lavish ballroom.

The following week, learn about antique and vintage treasures as they are appraised in a Gilded Age mansion. ROADSHOW travels to Rosecliff for finds including a Fabergé jade snuff bottle made around 1890, a Basquiat oil stick drawing, and a General Wharton Civil War archive. Which is valued at $400,000? “Newport, Hour 2” airs on Monday, May 21st.

Finally, on May 28th celebrate as ANTIQUES ROADSHOW wraps up its groundbreaking visit to Rosecliff mansion with even more treasures in “Newport, Hour 3” including a Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond ring, a Boston bureau table made around 1770, and M.C. Escher lithographs. Find out which is appraised for $100,000!

UPDATE: Watch the episode here – Watch: Antiques Roadshow – Newport, Hour 1

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