From way back in 1989, Long Trail Brewing Company has been producing some of the best in the country. Starting in a basement, once the beers started hitting the local watering holes it was clear a bigger space was gonna be necessary. Being eco-friendly, not only does Long Trail recycle their glassware, but any malts that aren’t used are donated to local farms in Vermont.Vermont alone has become a Craft Beer State in itself with over 37 breweries to offer from everything between Long Trail and Otter Creek and the highly acclaimed Lawson’s Finest Liquids and The Alchemist…and yes people will camp out for their Heady Topper!

For the past 2, years I’ve gotten the pleasure of working with the long-time running Long Trail Rep Russ Beauregard. When I first came to this position, my former bar manager had told me to make sure to take care of Russ (talk about pressure!). It was clear Russ was a good sales rep from his monthly visits from Providence just to “check-in” or if we were in a pinch dropping off cases of beer, swag… you name it. Good luck in upstate NY we will miss you! Now we have the pleasure of working with Kristie Martin who formally worked for Smuttynose Brewing.

Long Trail and Otter Creek have some fun things coming down the pipeline and we were able to grab from the pub! Coming this week and what we currently have:

Coming Soon: 

Long Trail and Foley Brothers “Under One Moon” Foley’s FIRST collaboration with Long Trail. Under One Moon is a dry-hopped sour ale that is dry hopped with lactobacillus and kolsch yeast. Limited!

Always on Tap 365 days a year: 

Long Trail Limbo – One of Long Trail’s year round beers hopped with Grapefruit, Austrailian and Pacific Southwest Hops.

On Tap for the Summer: 

Otter Creek Orange Dream – A winner at EBF Otter Creek brewed again for the summer season. Brewed with Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Orange Peel this beer will take you back to childhood.

So take a hike! And head down to the Wharf Pub for some beers.