For years, beer tastings have been going on but the craft beer industry didn’t really start picking up until about 2 years ago. Craft beer used to have such little impact on bars. Sure you would find your seasonal Sam Adams, Narragansett and Harpoon. The market for craft beer has sky rocketed to say the least. Nowadays you’ll often walk into a bar and have to look at a drink list that has everything from a Kolsch and an IPA to Porter to a Russian Imperial stout with some kind of pepper. The options are endless! Having more of a variety also gets your guest into craft beer that wasn’t necessarily into the bitterness and hops in a beer before.

At the Wharf Pub we like to aim our beer events around sampling our guests on the different types of beer we are offering for that evening. Throwing in gifts like brewery shirts, passes, hat’s and sometimes a gift basket is just an added bonus.

Our next beer event will be with Ballast Point Brewing for they’re Victory at Sea Day Sunday, December 18th! Come try an array of different Victory at Sea beers such as Victory at Sea Coconut Porter, Victory at Sea Peanut Butter Porter and Victory at Sea Porter on Nitro. Bobby from Ballast Point will be handing out beer samples from 6-9pm!

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Sarah Fimple (The Wharf Pub)

Sarah Fimple is the Beverage Manager of The Wharf Pub on Bowen's Wharf in Newport, RI. The Wharf Pub was named "Best Craft Beer Bar in Rhode Island" by in 2017.