A question not so often asked at The Wharf Pub, but often wondered is what is the difference between a regular beer tap and a beer on a Nitro line?
Beer Taps add CO2 gas to the keg. This puts pressure in the keg, Keeping the CO2 trapped in the beer until it is released out of the tap and into the glass, allowing the beer to be carbonated and balanced. As of recent, A lot of breweries have been experimenting with different styles of beer such as IPA’s and Golden Ale’s which opens up the aromas if their are grapefruit, oranges etc.

The most common beers on Nitro are stouts.

British beers can fall under the term Foreign Extra Stout (Guinness/Murphy’s) These Stouts usually range from 6-8% ABV. They tend to be sweet, toasty or can have notes of dry fruit/sour.

American Stouts on Nitro tend to have a bold coffee flavor with chocolate notes depending on the style. Breweries sometimes add oats to these stouts as well. The most common ingredient for stouts on Nitro is chocolate. A lot of breweries will add chocolate along with cocoa powder and dark malts giving it a silky finish. When a Stout is on Nitro it will have more of a “milkshake” feel to the beer. They can range between 5-10% ABV.

Currently at The Wharf Pub we are offering Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea Imperial Porter. Come warm up with this delicious beer that has notes of coffee and Vanilla. Our Nitro line usually rotates every few weeks.

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