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Most beers are named after based on flavor profile, Where it’s from or what kind of hops a brewery uses. Beer styles change seasonally. In the spring and summer you’ll find mostly wheat ales, Goose’s, IPA, the list goes on. In the fall and winter you’ll find mostly Oktoberfest’s to Pumpkins then Stouts to Porters.

Here at the Wharf Pub we like to have a variety for you to choose from along with some of our favorites! Here are our top six favorite beer styles:

Wheat Beer: Wheat beers start from ale or lagers that are brewed with malted wheat then are usually added with spices and fruits such as coriander and oranges.

Pale Ale: Taken originally from English style ales and are more bitter than wheat or pilsner beers.

India Pale Ale (IPA): Back in the 1800’s British brewers would send they’re Pale Ale’s to India. After a few months they discovered that the yeast in ales were going bad in the long journey to India that then they added more alcohol and hops to help preserve the beer. That making it more bitter and hoppier than a pale ale.

Brown Ale: Brown ales tend to have more a malt character to them. Generally they have a nutty toasty character and depending on the hops and malts can be light or full bodied.

Porter: The name of the Porter comes from its popularity with the street and rivers of London from back in the 18th Century.

Stout: Stouts stem from Porters and were so popular that the English started making Double Porters and Extra Stout porters. They start as black ales using dark malts and a toasty character. Stouts tend to be smoother than porters depending on the flavoring.

Stop by The Wharf Pub from now until November 13th and enjoy Newport Restaurant Week!