Newport is full of inspiring people, amiright? Entrepreneurs, scientists, artist, and fitness gurus; kick butt community members who embody everything about athletic culture. In honor of celebrating our local athletes, and those who are especially involved in our community, we have created our ‘Newport Mavens’. Since Newport is so small, a huge amount of our focus is on community; we try out classes, meet new instructors, support the newest fitness craze (as long as one of our friends is teaching it). We sweat our buns off and love to hate and hate to love our trainers, yoga instructors, or anyone else who tells us that eating a pint of ice cream is a huge ‘no’ and that burpees are a huge ‘yes’.

That being said, I reached out to some of our community mavens and asked them a few questions about their fitness routine and lifestyle. My responses were pretty close to perfect and are all extremely inspiring. We can look to these mavens as our Sweat Guru’s, or something like that. I am still working on a proper title. Can you tell?

Each week I will produce a feature of a local maven for us to “ooo”, “ahh” and marvel over. This weeks maven is …

Katherine Martin

Co-Founder Pulse Newport & Co-Founder Release Foam Rolling LLC

All photographs taken by Jennifer Manville of Jennifer Manville Photography.

Tell me about yourself! Do you own a studio or exercise space? What formal training’s do you have?

“I am a lifelong sports, fitness and outdoors enthusiast who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Kathy holds certifications in AFFA Personal Training, Group Exercise, Yoga, Pilates and Kickboxing.  She has attended Crossfit Training certifications in Level 1 Training, Running and Endurance and Kettlebells. She is also a Star 2 Spinning Instructor who has run health club level spinning programs.  In addition, she’s acquired a Tennis Performance Trainer Certification, Foam Rolling Specialist Certification and attended DVRT Sandbag, Concept 2 Rowing Courses and is an Athlekinetix and PIYO Certified Trainer.  She is co-founder of Pulse Newport and Release Foam Rolling LLC”

Kathy holds Beach Bootcamps at Second Beach in Middletown during the warmer months, which have been voted “Best in Rhode Island”. Also, for the last four years in a row, Pulse Newport has earned “Best Classes” and “Best Studio”. I think she’s doing something right, don’t you?

“I am also a spokesperson for Gorilla Fitness Products – including Gorilla Mace, Kettlebells and Bows.”

Do you have a fitness background? If so, what is it?
“I was an athlete in Junior High and High School and always exercised throughout my life. I started teaching as a spinning instructor at the NAC [Newport Athletic Club] right after I had my daughter Riley. It’s been all uphill since then.”

Words of advice:
“Never be intimidated by exercise or those exercising around you! Everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve had people come into my camps and classes overweight, never exercised and completely uncoordinated and now they are running marathons, triathlons and Tough Mudders.”

Favorite quote:
“From Bruce Lee: If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

Favorite music to listen while exercising:
“I’m all over the place from rap, top forty, metal and electronica – I like to use music that is powerful and has a driving beat.”

Part of your routine that never changes:
“I always do a mix of cardio and strength preferably HIIT style workouts. They’ve worked for me for years and it works for my clients.”

What is your ‘superfood’ or ‘super’ meal of choice, or, if you diet, what is your ‘cheat’ meal?
“I love my Isagenix protein shakes. They’ve upped my fitness levels since I started using them 3 years ago. It’s my go to food immediately following my workout. Cheat meal would be, eggs Benedict and French fries. Just because, YUM!”

What motivates you?
“It used to be superficial reasons, bikini’s, jeans etc.  But now it’s a few key factors, health, stamina and strength. Over the last five years my client base has been a big driving force. They continue to get stronger, faster, healthier and they keep ME on track as much as I keep them on track. I also have a daughter, Riley, who is playing soccer at the collegiate level. Being a role model to her over the years has kept our family eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Keep up the amazing work, Kathy!

All photographs taken by Jennifer Manville of Jennifer Manville Photography.

Jillian Tullgren

Jillian Tullgren is the Lifestyle Editor of What'sUpNewp. She enjoys a quality cup of properly steeped green tea and only writes in a black Moleskin. Follow her on Instagram @gypseachild.