Earlier this Summer, Newport’s KEEL Vodka hit a major milestone after all three of its New England distributors sold out.

Now back in stock, a new gluten free KEEL Vodka formula made from 100% Idaho potatoes arrives at the perfect time for avid consumers of the Newport, RI- based lifestyle vodka brand.

“Our loyal fans mean everything to us,” said KEEL Brand Manager Max Moss. “And KEEL Gluten Free is something they have requested for some time now. We take our customer feedback very seriously so our decision to listen to our fans and develop a new light formula was easy. We have once again created the smoothest, most drinkable vodka on the market and we cannot wait for people to try it.”

Consumer demands have evolved in recent years, favoring both health conscious and lower alcohol/low calorie options. KEEL Vodka at just 48 proof and 58 calories per serving is in prime position to see continued growth as these trends gain universal popularity. KEEL, however, has voluntarily taken things one step further. Along with a new bright red “Gluten Free” seal, KEEL’s entire label has undergone a colorful refresh with an industry first “nutritional facts matrix” showing calories and carbohydrates per serving. This double-down on product quality and transparency is in line with the shopping habits of the brand’s target audience: a more savvy and sophisticated consumer.

KEEL Vodka Gluten Free is available at select bar, restaurant and retail locations across NY, CT, MA, RI and FL.

For more information on KEEL visit: www.keelvodka.com.