‘Boss Lady’ Of The Week Highlights Empowering, Entrepreneur, & Inspiring Females In Our Community

Rebecca King is a Real Estate Agent at Libby Kirwin Real Estate (LKRE) and an all around vital business woman and mogul. She has experience working for internationally recognized companies like DETAILS and Allure while also being part of local businesses like Newport’s famous and cherished, Castle Hill Inn.

While being a business woman is secondary to her career as a mom and a wife, Rebecca allowed me to pick her brain and see what selling properties is all about. Real estate has grown to be a business that seems to be dominated by women, and I have no doubt that it is tough to keep your cool with an influx of other beautiful ladies chomping at the same bit.

As the saying goes, “confident women don’t hate”.

Q: What are your ties to Newport?

A: “I grew up in South Kingstown and went to URI. In my junior year of college, the world of South County felt a little too small so I decided to apply for waitressing jobs elsewhere. My application was accepted both in Providence and in Newport. I opted for Newport. I landed a job at The Pelham as a bartender. I made great friends and amazing money! While Newport was only a few miles from home, it was really a world away. This tiny island offers worldly culture, a fantastic downtown vibe boasting delicious restaurants, interesting cafes and of course the fun bars! I moved away from Newport for 5 years to NYC and ultimately ended up back here where I met and fell in love with my husband and we now live in Middletown with our 2 sons and dog.”

Q: How did you find yourself working real estate?

A: “I moved back to Newport after 5 fast-paced years in Manhattan working in the events industry. As soon as I settled back into Newport, I immediately found myself in the same work pace that drove me out of NYC.  I worked very long hours, didn’t have much time for exercise, seeing family etc. A friend of mine, Libby Kirwin and I connected and she turned me on to the world of real estate. She was confident that it was a good fit for me. I knew NOTHING about it!  I took the real estate class and started with rentals and 4 years later am proud to be one of the top agents at LKRE.”

Q: How do you hope to build your career in the future?

A: “The cool thing about being a real estate agent is that the job lends itself to a very long, prosperous career. With each deal, you learn something new and become better at the job. I love real estate and plan to continue on with this occupation indefinitely. It’s important with this type of work to stay motivated- which is simple: if you don’t close deals, you don’t make money! I am constantly motivated and inspired to improve my game- through taking classes, speaking with other professionals, networking and market research.”

Q: What is your past experience in the work force that you find most helpful?

A: “As trivial as it may seem, working in the service industry for years is one of the best educations a person can get. Being a server, bartender or busser gives you firsthand experience with human behavior of all types. You interact constantly with people- nice people, mean people, happy people and angry people and you must learn to a) not take anything personally and b) adapt and persevere. These communication skills will guide you through the rest of your life when dealing with people in business. In real estate, you cross paths with many types of people which is one of my favorite things about this industry. Learning how to adjust your own attitude to accommodate various attitudes and behaviors is not always easy but if you’re good at it, you are bound to succeed.”

Q: What is your favorite type of property?

A: “I am mostly a fan of beach front properties with pools! I love large, beach bungalows updated with modern amenities but also which encompass original details such as exposed wood beams.”

Q: What is your favorite house/property or piece of land in Newport?

A: “Ha, do I have to pick just one? My husband and I always dream of owning a gorgeous home on Tuckerman Avenue. Hopefully someday!”

Q: What percentage of your colleagues are women?
A: “We have only 1 man working in our office part time. As I think back, I have worked mostly in companies surrounded by other women. While I believe gender inequality in the work place is very real, I thankfully have not had to deal with it firsthand. I am constantly surrounded by other professional woman in real estate who have the beautiful family AND the prosperous career. It’s a balancing act- and it’s important to always remember that the definition of success is not the same for all of us.”

Q: How would you define ‘success’?

A: “My definition of success evolves as the years go by. When I was in my 20’s, it was having a glamorous job, traveling all over the world and fitting into a very specific sized jean. These days, success to me means having a job I love with a boss and co-workers who both inspire me professionally but also personally- having a career that allows me plenty of time with my family yet also provides us with a nice, comfortable lifestyle.”

If you’re in need of a Realtor and want to get ahold of Rebecca, you can visit her at http://libbykirwin.com/agents/rebecca-king/ and she can be reached at 401-808-9334 or rebecca.white@libbykirwin.com.

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