Photo Credit: Midtown Oyster Bar

Brian Ashness is the Raw Bar Chef at the Midtown Oyster Bar, luckily he also loves oysters.

Can oysters increase your chance of a second date? The short answer— yes, significantly!

According to a Singles in America survey, people who go out for sushi on the first date increase their chances of a second date by 170%. I know what you’re thinking: Brian, oysters are not considered sushi. Please, hear me out. First, let’s talk about the study.

The researchers reason that the adventurousness and novelty of sushi combined with the high levels of omega-3 found in raw fish increase the brain’s circulation, alertness and dopamine levels. This leads to the same feeling you get when you win a prize or do cocaine (although probably a lot subtler). Nonetheless, you and your date feel like winners who are high on life. Who doesn’t want more of that? So bang, second date! Now let’s bring the oysters in.

Photo Credit: Midtown Oyster Bar
Photo Credit: Midtown Oyster Bar

As the raw bar chef of the Midtown Oyster Bar, oysters are my job—and I love my job! Last year alone, I was tasked with serving over 180,000 of these delicious delicacies to our guests, and because you can’t serve that many oysters without learning a thing or two about them, I have become pretty well versed in all things bivalve. One of the things I’ve learned is that in addition to their powerful aphrodisiac powers, oysters contain 565 mg of omega-3 per serving. That makes it fourth on the list of the most omega-3 rich foods right behind mackerel, salmon and herring (I know, who eats herring?). Also, oysters—the good ones anyway—are eaten alive! What’s more novel and adventurous then that?

Back to the question: can oysters increase your chances of a second date? Absolutely, maybe even more so than sushi. To sum up my point, let’s review the math: adventure + novelty + lots of omega-3 = successful date! Throw in a handsome, charming, outgoing chef to facilitate the evening and you just might meet your soul mate. Come to think of it, no wonder we keep being voted best place to meet your Tinder date.

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