Over the past couple years, Connecticut has become one of the top places across the United States to find some of the finest craft beers.

Connecticut breweries, and their sales teams, have been eyeing Newport and Rhode Island for quite some time and there is has never been a time when more beer from The Constitution State can be found in the City-By-The-Sea.

Thimble Island and Black Hog Brewing Co. are some of the new breweries worth trying and visiting, here’s a few worth leaving the island to visit, worth picking up at your favorite local liquor store and worth coming down to the Wharf Pub for.

1. Black Hog Brewing Co Disco Pig #6 Cyser Soze- (Oxford, CT)

A collaboration with New England Cider Co – Amber ale fermented with Brettanoymces yeast, Pink lady apples and Macoun Cider. In the Oxford area? Wish black hog Happy Birthday, This Saturday they turn 2! Open for tours and tastings

2. Thimble Island Coffee Stout- (Branford, CT)

American Stout brewed with with whole coffee beans from Willoughby’s located in Branford. Open for tours and tastings Wed-Sun. Stay in Branford and visit Stony Creek next!

This weekly feature is brought to you by The Wharf Pub, where residents and tourists go for great craft beer, comfort food from scratch and live music.

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3. Stony Creek Brewery Cranky – (Branford, CT)

For only been being open for a 1 1/2 Stony Creek and grown and accomplished a lot such as recently winning best Amber Lager at the 2016 World Beer Cup awards. Currently we have Stony Creek’s Cranky IPA that has tropical and fruit aromas but has more than enough hops to give you that bite on the end.
4. Two Roads Roads Garden – (Stratford, CT)

Two Roads newest seasonal Roads Garden is made with edible aromatic flowers such as chamomile, lavender, calendula. A twist on a classic farmhouse ale. Take the road less traveled and stop in for a Pint!

The Wharf Pub can be found at 37 Bowen’s Wharf and online at www.thewharfpubnewport.com.

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Sarah Fimple (The Wharf Pub)

Sarah Fimple is the Beverage Manager of The Wharf Pub on Bowen's Wharf in Newport, RI. The Wharf Pub was named "Best Craft Beer Bar in Rhode Island" by Craftbeer.com in 2017.