national grid newport

With spring underway, National Grid is beginning its routine maintenance tree trimming program starting the first week of April in Newport. As part of its focus on providing safe and reliable electric service to Rhode Island customers, National Grid invests annually in trimming trees that are overgrown and have the potential to cause service interruptions.

“Our tree maintenance programs have a significant impact on reliability and have helped us to reduce tree-related power outages,” said Timothy F. Horan, president of National Grid, Rhode Island. “We appreciate our customers’ support of this important program.”

Prior to conducting any tree work, National Grid’s tree contractors will be reaching out to property owners. Contractors have been provided with a National Grid identification badge. Customers should ask to see the contractor’s badge prior to letting them conduct any tree trimming.

Property owners will be contacted in the following ways:

  • Door-to-Door Communication: Tree contractors will be knocking on doors to describe the needed tree trimming to property owners.
  • Door Hanger: This is the most common way property owners will be notified. The door hanger will provide the vendor contact and tree trimming information.
  • Phone: In instances where the property owner is not currently living at the address, they will be notified by phone.

National Grid’s tree contractors have been properly trained on how to work near electric wires and infrastructure. As an important safety reminder, homeowners and private tree contractors should stay at least 10 feet from electrical wires when handling any of their own tree trimming. Our maintenance schedule is designed to trim trees near National Grid’s electrical wires to ensure the continued delivery of safe and reliable service.
National Grid is working closely with the City of Newport on the tree maintenance program. If you have any questions, you can contact National Grid’s forestry department at 401-784-7326.