Portsmouth Resident Coyotes

The Portsmouth Police Department shared on their Facebook Page on Thursday, December 31st that they have cited a Jepson Lane resident for feeding wildlife in violation of the town ordinance.

The resident had previously been warned not to leave out food which has been attracting coyotes to the area. The citation carries a fine of $50.

The Portsmouth Police Department reminds residents that is a violation of town ordinance to leave food in any location accessible to coyotes or other non domesticated animals.

Portsmouth Town Ordinance – 101- 30: Prohibited Acts

  • A. No person shall knowingly feed or in any manner provide an attractant to coyotes or other nondomesticated animals, provided that domestic pets are not attractants, and feeding pets outdoors does not create an attractant if the pet eats all the food immediately or the remaining food is removed as soon as the pet stops eating or the pet is fed in a secure cage or other enclosure.
  • B. No person shall knowingly leave, store, or maintain any food or attractant in a manner, area, or location accessible to coyotes or other nondomesticated animals.


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