Is Newport Wine Cellar moving from Bellevue Avenue to Memorial Boulevard?

Newport Wine Cellar has filed an application to transfer its Class A Alcohol Beverage License from 24 Bellevue Avenue to 11 Memorial Boulevard. The application will be reviewed by the Board Of License Commissioners at 6:30pm on Wednesday, January 13th at the Pell Elementary School.

A Class A license in Rhode Island is for package/liquor stores, there are fifteen currently issued in Newport.

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The building (and what seems like the entire block) that Newport Wine Cellar currently calls home is currently on the real estate market for $6.5 million.

Maria Chiancola owns Newport Wine Cellar as well as the two neighboring businesses on Bellevue Avenue, Le Petit Gourmet and Le Cafe. It is unknown at this time what the future looks like or plan is for any of these businesses currently owned by Chiancola.

Newport Wine Cellar
11 Memorial Blvd | Photo via Kirby Commercial

A request for comment from Newport Wine Cellar has not been responded to as of 10 a.m. on December 29th.

UPDATE: Maria Chiancola, Owner of Newport Wine Cellar, Le Petit Gourmet and Le Cafe has shared with us “all businesses will be moved, to answer your immediate question…and it is going to be fantastic!”. Maria promises to give us more info in the new year!

The move to 11 Memorial Boulevard, a mixed retail/office building, is a bit of a surprise.

According to The Newport Daily News in a January 28, 2014 article titled Tennis Hall Of Fame Project Moves Forward, “The Hall of Fame will demolish the green metal building at the corner of Memorial Boulvard and Haydon Court, as well as the office and retail building at 11 Memorial Blvd., which recently housed Franklin & Co. Interiors and offices.”

In March of 2012, 11 Memorial Boulevard was the scene of a shooting and a stabbing that left one person dead.

This story will be updated as more information is received.

A look back at a  February 7th, 2015 interview we did with Maria Chiancola, Owner of Newport Wine Celler, Le Petit Gourmet and Le Cafe.

Newport Wine Cellar & Le Petit Gourmet are Expanding

February 7, 2015 – Newport, RI

Maria and her staff at Newport Wine Cellar & le petit gourmet are addressing a wild rumor out there about them taking on yet another space on that charming block on Bellevue Avenue across from Hotel Viking. We learned on Friday that in fact, it is true.  Maria and her team have had the opportunity to take on the space at 28 Bellevue, formerly La Maison de Coco, and have decided that is just the right thing to do to expand their business and offerings.

So, what are you doing at Newport Wine Cellar & le petit gourmet? 

“For starters, we are taking over the space next door to the cheese shop, redesigning it and creating a comfortable space in which to offer our food service.  In other words, we are extracting the cafe from the cheese shop, so everybody can be more comfortable and we can offer a few more options.”

What will the “new” Newport Wine Cellar & le petit gourmet offer?

“I am so glad that you asked.  We will still offer our made to order fresh lunch & delicious cheese plates, but with the addition of 20 or so seats, a more comfortable layout, and lots of yummy extras, like a full coffee bar menu, great organic teas, delicious liquid chocolate for the kids (of all ages), and a place to sit and meet, chat, and indulge in a piece of Norey’s amazing cakes. Additionally, this frees up the cheese shop for retail space that is not crowded by chairs, so you can shop in comfort.”

Newport Wine Cellar & le petit gourmet will still have their wine and food series, but now they can offer some great wine dinners…two of them this month!

  • Saturday Feb 21, Winter Warmer Menu with Marc Leandro
  • Saturday Feb 28, Austrian Dinner  with Sophia Pendergast”

See Their Full Event Schedule 

Regular store hours for both Newport Wine Cellar & le petit gourmet are Monday – Saturday from 11am to 7pm and on Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

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