Monster Shark Tournament

After just two years, the Newport Monster Shark Tournament has decided to merge with another tournament, depart Newport and head for New Bedford, MA.

The announcement came on Newport Monster Shark Tournament’s Facebook Page on December 21st;

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is our distinct pleasure to introduce, the upcoming premier shark tournament of 2016, The North Atlantic Monster Shark Tournament!!!

The merger of two champion shark tournaments, The North Atlantic Shark Tournament, and Newport Monster Shark Tournament, is a result of the shared vision of both of the organizers of the two tournaments, and the family of Steven James.

This entirely non-profit event will serve to promote the preservation of pelagic species, their ecosystems, as well as to preserve the right to fish. It will be held in America’s top fishing port and the nation’s capital for sustainable fishing, New Bedford, Massachusetts. ALL the profits will be donated to causes and organizations that are committed to sustainable fishing and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Join us in July of 2016 for a great tournament, in a great fishing city, all for a great cause.”

The Newport Monster Shark Tournament was previously held in Martha’s Vineyard before moving to The City By The Sea in 2014. Overall, the two events went on without much protest or issues.

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