Touro Park

The Touro Park Stone Tower has been a source of beauty and mystery for years.  While many may disagree about its origins, no one disagrees about the significance of this important City landmark.  With its prominent placement in Touro Park, it has stood the test of time, weather and social change.   As with all historic landmarks, its future requires that those of us here now protect and care for it so that future generations can enjoy that same beauty and mystery.

The Board of Directors of The Historic Hill Association has recently stepped forward and taken action to preserve and enhance this tower.   The group recognized the poor condition of the fence surrounding the Stone Tower and decided to tackle this issue.  The Board’s first action was to create a Stone Tower Restoration Committee composed of Pamela Giroux, Jean Gorham, Federico Santi and Peter Chabot.

Touro Park

The Committee in coordination with the City studied the work necessary to restore the fence and to replace the large 1970’s lights with more energy-efficient low profile LED lights. “The Historic Hill Association was glad to accept this challenge that makes a difference for residents and visiting tourists,” said Federico Santi, member of the Historic Hill Association.

The campaign reached out to the Newport community and over $45,000 was raised for the project. The City of Newport Public Services Department coordinated the restoration work, upgraded the park electrical service and provided in-house labor to reduce the overall project cost. “We could not have done this without the help of our neighbors and friends,” said Scott Wheeler, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor. “It is evident the community cares about the Tower and recognizes its historic value to Newport.”

With the project complete the public is encouraged to visit Touro Park at night to appreciate the brilliantly lit historic Tower. For more information about the Tower go to

For further information:  Contact Scott Wheeler, City of Newport, Public Services Department, Building & Grounds Supervisor at 401-845-5802 or


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