Google Earth Newport

Google took new satellite imagery of Newport for Google Earth during a historic moment in the The City By The Sea’s history, during the 2015 Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover.

Newport hosted the Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover for the very first time from May 5 – 17th, 2015, the event was a great success and attracted more than 130,000 people to Fort Adams State Park.

Brad Read, Executive Director of Sail Newport and Director of the Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover, thinks he has pinpointed the exact moment that the image was taken;

“Thank you Google Earth for taking your satellite image of Newport, RI at the exact moment we were celebrating Team SCA being welcomed to our wonderful city (on stage) at the North American Stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race!”

Team SCA, the all-female crew in the 2014/15 Volvo Ocean Race, completed fleet arrivals between 10 am – 11am on May 7th.

Matthew Gray of Gray Matter Marketing was the first to tip us off on this when he went searching for satellite images of Fort Adams State Park to use for his upcoming Craft Brew Races. Gray Matter Marketing posted the following on their Facebook Page after the discovery;

“Found this cool image today while prepping for our big weekend at Fort Adams. Looks like Google updated their satellite image of Newport during the Volvo Ocean Race.”

The memories of the 2015 Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover will continue to live on in all of us, as well as in our Google Earth searches.

A look at the 2015 satellite imagery of Newport that is being used by Google Maps;