“We’ve been working with Ryan and What’s Up Newp from the start. Ryan has always been an enthusiastic supporter of our brands mission. From an advertising perspective he helps us reach our local customers – but more importantly – he is always willing and eager to step outside of the box. In a field saturated with traditional thinking – Ryan goes the extra step to develop solutions that work for us. He is a true partner and we’ll continue to work with him for the foreseeable future. Thanks you Ryan and the team of What’s Up Newp! ” ~ David Norton, Founder of Lemon & Line

What’s Up with What’sUpNewp:


What’sUpNewp is dedicated to covering all that’s happening, new and to do in Newport County and across Rhode Island, from where to enjoy brunch on Sunday to what’s happening at City Hall.  

Our site combines native content with the most valuable content and information from local, regional and national media sources; we are the number one online source in Newport County for information and our readers are the most informed. Since 2012, What’sUpNewp has become the leading source for tourists and locals to discover “what’s up” around the City-By-The-Sea and beyond.

“Like Wilder’s character, Theophilus North, who capably navigated Newport’s “nine cities” of the1920’s, Ryan Belmore adeptly gives voice to the many dimensions of 21 st century Newport. The What’sUpNewp platform keenly uncovers and chronicles issues of import. Ryan offers value in his ever-vigilant attempt to keep Newport’s political, commercial, social, and neighborhood/civic scenes top of mind and relevant to his many audiences.” ~ Beth Cullen, Co-founder of RI STEAM Academy, Former President of the Point Association of Newport, Vocal Citizen for Positive Change and Mac’s Mom

Our Thought On Advertising:


We love local advertising. Unlike others, we don’t view advertising as a necessary evil that pays for other stuff – we love it. Why? People want to hear from local businesses. Our goal is to create advertising so remarkable that our audience would be angry if it went away.

We’re not a high volume operation. We always want to have fewer than 30 brand partners – this allows us to go deeper with fewer brands. So we do have limited advertising, and sometimes you may have to be placed on a wait to get started with us.

What’sUpNewp is home to young, intelligent tastemakers who care as much about the local brands they support as the local news that they consume.

What’sUpNewp Clients:


We’re proud to work with some of the most innovative brands and businesses in Newport. They’re the very best at what they do.

We help large brands get small and small brands get large. Let’s be honest, it’s very attractive to communicate a branded message across various media sources in 1 fell swoop. That is the power of our website. Furthermore, harnessing the resources of What’sUpNewp media sources results in a full- circle campaign that touches on every important aspect of our audience’s lives. But, don’t just take our word for it. There’s already been a sizable amount of brands that believe in what we’re building. It is about time you join us and see for yourself.

Current Clients: The Bit Players, Bowen’s Wharf, Brick Alley Pub, BRS Construction, Chris Electric, Cru Cafe, DF Dwyer Insurance, Diego’s, Duris Studios, Gordon King, Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina, Hotel Viking, IHOP Middletown, Jane Pickens Theater, Jo’s American Bistro, Kristen Coates, Lemon & Line, Midtown Oyster Bar, Newport Hospital, Newport Jazz Festival, Newport Harbor Hotel, Style Newport & The Wharf Pub.

Past Clients: City Of Newport, Cluny School, Discover Newport, IYRS, Libby Kirwin Real Estate, Newport Skating Center, Newport Waterfront Events, Tavern On Broadway, Volvo Ocean Race, World Match Racing Tour and many other local businesses, events and politicians.

 “Ryan and his team at What’sUpNewp are incredibly easy to work with from an advertisers standpoint. Not only does WUN support my business I see them at local events and businesses – they are a real part of the community and focused on strengthening our city by the sea with current events and news you can rely on being accurate.” ~ Kristen Coates, Founder of Kristen Coates

What’sUpNewp Overview & Audience Snapshot:

What we do

We publish 5-10 stories a day on www.whatsupnewp.com, send a handcrafted newsletter each morning and do original reporting straight to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. More than likely, you can catch someone from our team out and about in The City-By-The-Sea attending an event or supporting our arts and entertainment scene.

“I found the publication of What’s Up Newport to be a very positive experience. Their audience is informed, and diversified. I find myself looking forward to seeing their news on a daily basis. It has been helpful to residents’ and businesses keeping the public “in the know” about events, government, and activities which are occurring throughout Newport and the County.” – Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Newport City Councilor At-Large, Former Mayor

What’s does What’sUpNewp offer?

  1. A highly educated, affluent audience.
  2. The ability to reach more people, in more ways than any other local media outlet.
  3. Direct, immediate communication with our audience.
  4. The ability to track and target message – and pull visitors to your site.
  5. With more opportunities than anyone else – email, radio, podcast, online, event and video marketing options – What’sUpNewp has got your business covered and can reach potential customers in more ways than anyone else!


How large are we?

  • What’sUpNewp Monthly Unique Visitors: 45,000+
  • What’sUpNewp Monthly Page views: 150,000+
  • What’sUpNewp Daily Newsletter Subscribers: 13,000+
  • What’sUpNewp Facebook Followers: 22,000+
  • What’sUpNewp Instagram Followers: 8,400+
  • What’sUpNewp Twitter Followers: 5,600+


Note: We’re proud of our numbers because unlike other local media companies, we don’t publish national stories (Associated Press, Wire, etc) and we don’t do gimmicky slideshows to juice page views. We also have large, growing followings on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What type of person reads What’sUpNewp?

We’re the news source for young, intelligent tastemakers who care as much about the local brands they support as the local news that they consume.

  • Young: 76.5% of our audience is between the ages of 18 – 44.
  • Tied to Newport County: 348,222 out of the 962,623 total sessions in 2016 were from Newport County, 167,324 were from users in Boston and New York City (likely have a second home here, travel to Newport often or are extremely passionate about Newport).
  • Balanced. 54% are male and 46% are female.


I’ve come to rely on WhatsUpNewp personally and professionally in all sorts of ways. Ryan and his team are incredibly responsive and generous in helping to raise community awareness – and funds! —  for non-profits like the MLK Community Center.  The site is cleanly designed, easy to use and gives me news I need and want, with advertising that isn’t annoying. I actually find myself looking at the ads – a first for me!  WhatsUpNewp is a terrific community resource and partner.” ~ Alyson F. Novick, Director of Development, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center

2018 Ad Products Available on What’sUpNewp:

We offer exclusive innovative advertising options so that our readers have a memorable, fun experience when interacting your brand. Forget outside the box, we are going to a whole new solar system! For advertising campaigns or brand partnerships contact Ryan Belmore today at Ryan@whatsupnewp.com or call 401-662-1653.

  • Job Postings – Businesses of all shapes and sizes use the What’sUpNewp Job Board to recruit the best minds and top talent in our city. Postings are featured at the top of our weekly job posting story, in a daily morning newsletter, shared on Twitter, Facebook and throughout the site. Postings are live for 60 days.
  • Home/Apartments – Home and apartment postings are promoted throughout our site, in our newsletter, and on our social channels. Posts are live for 60 days.
  • Featured Events – Event postings are promoted throughout our site, featured at the top of our events calendar page, included in our newsletter, and shared on our social channels. Posts are live for 60 days.
  • Non-Profits & Organization’s Doing Good – Have an important message to get out or upcoming fundraiser to promote? We know you’re on a short budget, contact us and we’ll help you spread the word.
  • Sponsored Stories  – Have some important news, information or advice to share? This is a great way to get in front of our audience. Sponsored stories are included on our front page, on our social media accounts and in our newsletter.
  • Digital Ads – We engage your brand usually with 728×90 (leaderboard) and 300×300 digital ads, these ads are in color, have run of the site, rotate through our e-mail newsletter and click through right to your website or social media account.
  • Group E-Blasts – You have control of the content included in a full e-mail that is sent out to 11,000+ e-mail addresses.
  • Communications, PR and Digital Social Media Management – Need some help with press releases, social media accounts or getting word about your business out in front of the right audience? Members of our team have worked with some of the biggest brands and events in the world ( like the Americas Cup, New England Patriots, Rhode Island Blood Bank, Volvo Ocean Race) contact us to see how we can help you and your team out!
  • Small Business Advertising Packages  – As a fellow small business we know what the balance is like of trying to spread the word about your business but also get the most out of your hard-earned dollar. Contact us and we’ll create a small business advertising package that includes digital ads, ads in e-mail newsletters, sponsored stories and maybe a few other tricks, all that fits within your budget.
  • Political Advertising Packages – What’sUpNewp reaches people who vote. Contact Ryan at Ryan@whatsupnewp.com for more information and our political media kit.


Custom Campaigns  – Activate our audience with a combination of custom content, social influencer marketing, sponsored stories, giveaways, exclusive events, paid social, video marketing and more. Contact Ryan at Ryan@whatsupnewp.com for more information.

For advertising campaigns or brand partnerships contact Ryan Belmore today at Ryan@whatsupnewp.com or call 401-662-1653.

“WhatsUpNewp has grown into a formidable site for dispensing news, job opportunities, events etc to its readers. I praise Ryan for his intense work schedule and commitment that have enabled us to receive almost instant information on activities and happenings in Newport and nearby communities. Often National news of interest are also included. WhatsUpNewp was first to give us election night results—exhibiting that Ryan probably stayed up for hours collecting data. We residents and businesses now have another opportunity to share comments. Thank you, WhatsUpNewp—after looking at all the businesses offering Thanksgiving dinners and catering, I now have my reservations and will not go hungry.” ~ Kate Leonard, Newport City Councilor – 3rd Ward

Who Will I Be Working With At What’sUpNewp:

Ryan Belmore (Editor & Publisher) and hopefully you’ll have a chance to meet all of our amazing contributors – Frank Prosnitz, Sarah McClutchy, Tyler Bernadyn, Ken Abrams, Patrick Murphy and Morgan Macia.


For advertising campaigns or brand partnerships contact Ryan Belmore today at Ryan@whatsupnewp.com or call 401-662-1653.