States with the highest rate of layoffs

Stacker’s analysis found that layoff activity has varied from state to state much as it has varied across industries. Layoff rates as a ratio of the workforce were above the national average in 23 states.

Late-winter storm pummels Northeast with heavy, wet snow

A winter storm dumped heavy, wet snow in parts of the Northeast on Tuesday, causing tens of thousands of power outages, widespread school closings, dangerous driving conditions and a plane to slide off a taxiway.

On tap: Booze still allowed on Amtrak in New Hampshire

Riders on an Amtrak train that runs from Maine to Boston can continue to buy alcoholic beverages during the 35-mile stretch of the trip that goes through New Hampshire as officials work out a “creative solution” to avoid violating a state liquor law, officials said.

Agents added to US Northern border amid crossing spike

The team, which started on Monday, will help to deter and disrupt human smuggling activities in the sector that includes the border areas of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and parts of upstate New York.

Windiest cities in America

Stacker cited data from NOAA to identify the 50 windiest cities in the U.S. Cities are ranked by average wind speed between January 1984 and December 2020.

100 colleges whose grads go on to earn the most

Did your school make the list? Read on to find out and learn other morsels of information, like the non-aquatic environments where Coast Guard trainees go on to work, which schools employ “micro-internship” programs, and the surprising #1 on the list.

Where people in Boston are looking to buy homes

Stacker compiled statistics about where people in Boston are looking to buy homes using cross-market demand and monthly inventory data from

School reverses urinal ban after bathroom access debate

A New Hampshire school board has reversed a policy banning middle and high school students from using urinals after dozens protested the measure, which had been a compromise to a proposal that would have blocked students from using facilities based on their gender identity.

New England knows winter, but why so dangerously cold?

New Englanders are used to cold temperatures, but a combination of extreme cold accompanied by powerful winds is downright dangerous, and enough to send even bundled-up skiers scampering indoors.

Wife denies shooting co-worker in New Hampshire beheading case

The wife of a New Hampshire man accused of killing her co-worker after he discovered they were texting — and then forcing her to behead him — denied shooting him Wednesday, saying her husband choked and punched her and eventually put his gun into her mouth that night.