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Newport City Council is set to conduct interviews for applicants seeking appointments to the Planning Board, with the interviews scheduled to take place on March 8, 2023. The interviews will be held in the 2nd Floor Conference Room at Newport City Hall.

The Council will be interviewing three candidates for the Planning Board – Margaret Polski, Theresa Stokes, and Kate Jessup, with each candidate, allocated a 25-minute slot starting at 5:00 p.m. After the interview, the Council may also discuss how they may vote on applicants seeking an appointment to the above boards or commissions at a regularly scheduled Council meeting at which a vote to appoint an applicant is considered.

The Planning Board is responsible for the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which sets the long-term goal for the City and is a key measure by which large development projects and zoning relief are evaluated. The board also issues demolition approvals (for principal structures outside of the Historic Overlay Zoning District) and subdivisions, provides a recommendation to the City Council for all zoning amendments, and provides a recommendation to the Zoning Board of Review for Development Plan Review of large developments that are not permitted by right. The Planning Board provides the City Council an annual report of its activities. The Planning Board features nine members appointed to three-year terms by the City Council.

Residents of Newport are encouraged to attend the interviews to learn more about the candidates and the Planning Board’s responsibilities. The Council is currently looking for two resident volunteers to serve on the Planning Board, and those interested can contact the Department of Planning and Economic Development for more information.

The Planning Board plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Newport, and it is essential that the City Council appoints qualified individuals who can serve the community’s best interests. The Council will undoubtedly have a tough task in selecting the right candidates. Still, the interviews will provide an opportunity to evaluate the applicant’s skills and experience to make the right decisions.

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